about me

My inspiration is the many years of exploring wild spaces and natural places near and far. This has cultivated a deep and profound respect for the land, reverence for the natural world and a desire to protect what is hers. At the core is an enchantment and awe of the mystery which is begging us to just be present with where we are at now.

This great affinity and connection to nature is coupled with a love for getting quiet, getting still, and finding space from there. This has been a catalyst towards transformation and a way to find and integrate a mindfulness practice utilizing nature as a resource as well as a love for creative documentary photography.

about my goals

My goal is to bring to the surface that which lies beneath- the raw, inherent beauty and defining qualities of the subject connecting in the natural habitat. It brings me great joy to merge creativity and craft with an added layer of intuitiveness and sensitivity to capturing moments in nature unadulterated. It is what inclines me towards creating fine-art portraits and revealing to image your essence.

about my philosophy

My philosophy - honoring an intentional way of communicating your message -the message- I am invested in what you have to say- i want to get to know you and also what inspires you- we are collaborating at all stages during the process to ensure that together we can bring your vision into focus.

The goal is to make known a quality of being through the camera lens that is uniquely you and expressive of your passion.

I will assist and support you in bringing to light your vision within the important work that you are doing.


about my style

My approach is contemplative. I work to get you out of your head and into an embodied state of presence which aids in a more relaxed nature conducive to photographing. This allows your truest essence to shine forth to be captured by the camera. Both nature and mindfulness have a wonderful ability to support this endeavor.

My creative energy, sensitivity as an artist, attunement of awareness as a meditation practitioner and love for nature feed one another.

My style is natural, relaxed, and collaborative. I seek to capture people in connection with nature. I strive to capture this connection on film.

My work is emotive, dreamy, and contemplative. I define this new sub-genre as contemplative photography. I bring this current aesthetic into each and every project.

My intention is to create something beautiful by capturing your embodied presence in nature. Photographing our own wild nature. People connecting with the land in wilderness, in nature. Nature as experienced through the senses but also in a way that transcends - honoring the mystery and that which becomes a conduit and connection to the mystical and Divine itself.

Genres of photography in which I work are nature portrait, natural light, environmental, and documentary. Documentary in a sense that there is a greater story to be told. The scene gives context, and in my nature portrait photography, this is the natural world.

Other genres of photography that I find compelling are street, travel, and social documentary.

about my vision

My vision is to create art in nature.

My hope is that through my nature photography work I am able to support the greater whole.

Bringing a visual presence to your message is paramount.

Through our collaboration I will become attuned to your message and seek to communicate it through beautiful imagery.

I seek to make photographs that reveal the purest expression of your essence.


about my hopes and aspirations

My hope is that people will relate to the imagery in a way that helps them deepen their understanding to their own relationship with nature, create a potency and urgency to take action to save her.

Through the process we quiet the mind, awaken the senses and enliven the spirt.

Mindfulness assists in finding inner calm and happiness and connection with the flow of wisdom inside- I find so much inspiration in the natural world. I hope that you do too!

I aspire to continuously engage life with grace, gratitude and humor - it isn’t always easy and there are times when it feels downright impossible. Ahhh! This is being human!

about being human

When I am not photographing, meditating or traveling, I am exploring and playing outdoors in beautiful Idaho, writing, and spending time with my 12 year old golden retriever named Bodhi.